Make an informed desision & save money with Pre purchase vehicle inspection

 Buying a car brings an adrenaline rush for most people. But before you make that impulsive decision, get Browning auto repairs's pre purchase auto inspection to avoid any disappointment later. To an inexperienced eye, the flaws would surface only later. It is best advised to get an expert opinion on the car’s health before you spend your hard earned money! 

We are the pre purchase auto inspection experts in Auckland

Car is our passion and that’s why no one understands cars better than we do. Our experienced and skilled technicians will thoroughly assess your car against a number of predefined parameters to evaluate the health of the car. We offer comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspection to help you make an informed decision!

Pre Purchase Car Inspection for just $99

Our New Zealand trained technicians will give you a detailed report about the vehicle you intend to purchase for just $99...

Our comprehensive pre car purchase inspection package comprise of in-depth vehicle check including:

· engine check, battery, starter motor, 

· radiator, hoses, water pump checking to identify leakage if any

· Test drive to check steering, brakes, noise from car 

· Exterior checking to identify corrosion, paint damage, dents 

· Wheel and depth of tyre tread check for damages

· Suspension and steering check for leakage, wear and tear and damage

· Checking brake performance 

· Inspecting all lights

· Inspecting car interiors to find stains, wear and tear, damage

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Book pre-purchase inspection at browning auto repairs

Buy a new car? Get a Pre-purchase inspection

We use latest tools of best brands to inspect your vehicle. We also give you a soft copy of the vehicle inspection report, which you can share it with potential buyers, your friends, family and more. If you want a reliable, transparent and affordable pre purchase car inspection service in Auckland, Browning Auto Repairs is your best destination! 

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