Dashboard warning lights

Dashboard warning lights- If your check engine lights is on. don't panic.

The engine repair experts at browning auto repairs that the tools and training needed to find out if your check engine light is a quick fix or the sign of a larger issue.  Book for a scan service at Browning auto repairs.

If you do not see a check engine light, but your engine isn't working properly, our experts will conduct a thorough engine diagnostic check and let you know what's going on.

Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light

Indicates the engine computer has set a Diagnostic Trouble Code. Usually requires diagnosis with a Scan. 

Coolant Temp Warning

Indicates temperature has exceeded normal limits. 

We will check coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap, coolant leaks.

Oil Pressure Warning

If oil pressure waning lights is on, Immediately check oil level and pressure.

Or we can check oil level and pressure for you.

Brake System

Indicates one of three possible conditions: parking brake is on; problem with the braking system, brake fluid is low, or ABS problem. 

We will check brake fluid and diagnostics for you.

ABS Light

Indicates that the Anti-lock Brake computer has set a code. Come visit browning auto repairs we will check it for you.

Battery/Charging Alert

Indicates voltage level is below normal level and the vehicle's charging system is not functioning properly. Come visit Browning auto repairs for FREE battery test, we will check battery condition for you. If it's not a battery problems than it can be a alternator belt problems. 

Transmission Temperature

Transmission is operating at higher than optimum temperature as transmission fluid is hotter than normal. We can check transmission fluid level and engine coolant level and Top up or replace for you.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Indicates the tire pressure monitoring system has found a tire with low air pressure or there may be a sensor malfunction. We can check Tyre pressure for you. Some vehicles will allow manual reset and others we can clear code with scan tools. 

Reduced Power Warning

Indicates Engine Computer has limited engine power output.

We can diagnosis with scan tools.

Best way to save money

Our full service includes a vehicle scan and lot's of inspections and services.

Get a full service with us If you have an engine light on and haven't had a service for a while.


Vehicle scan

Have you got a light on the dash that wont go out.  Sometimes the computer in your vehicle will need a little help to see that the issue has been resolved.  We can scan your vehicle and clear code or see what the issue may be.  


Book for a vehicle scan

Better yet, see us in person!

Dashboard warning lights - If your car engine lights on.

FEEL FREE to Come down & visit our friendly team at Browning Auto Repairs Or give us a call today.

Send us a message letting us know what is going on with your vehicle, and we will get back to you soon .

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