We promise to be an honest fleet service partner.

  At Browning Auto Repairs we are a family business and understand the importance of time management. Having your equipment working and maintained is a huge part of keeping workflow moving. If your vehicle breaks down and is off the road it can cause unnecessary headaches and interruptions for your business. 

Here at Browning Auto Repairs we are a fully equipped automotive workshop with a professional qualified team that can assist with all your servicing, WOF, car service and repair needs. We are a MTA assured provider that likes to set the standard higher while doing our best to keep the cost lower. We only use trusted brands and precision lubricants so you can rest assure your vehicles will always be fitted with the right parts and filled with the correct oils, this allows us to provide new car warranty servicing so you don’t need to take your vehicle back to the expensive dealership. 


What we do:

New Car Warranty Servicing  |  General Servicing & WOF  | Tyres

Auto Diagnostics  | Steering & Suspension  | Brakes

Battery Checks/Replace  | Clutch Repairs/Replacement | Transmissions


 We recommend regular service intervals of 10,000km or one (1) year, whichever comes first, we can often fit the Service in at the same time as your WOF and get it all done at the same time.  Depending on how many kilometres you do, your vehicle may only need 1 full service per year. 


Benefits of vehicle servicing are:


Lower Emission |Better Fuel Economy|Vehicle Life |Reliability |Warranty Cover|Insurance Savings|Maintain Value |Safety Performance |Break-down Prevention


When you choose to have your vehicles maintained with us you will receive :

- FREE WOF with every service

- Trading price can be apply

- After Hour bookings (6am earlier start or until 8pm late Finish Monday to Saturday)

- Ryco New Car warranty Service Our service schedule covers the majority of checks included in most manufacturers’ service schedules.

- MTA assured licenced vehicle repairer 

- Service book provided if your one is missing.

Browning Auto Repairs looks forward to working with you,

and keeping your fleet on the road for longer.