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Faulty brakes? Is your hand brake struggling on hills? Slowing down a problem? Noisy brakes, worn brake pads, brakes that pull the car to the side, Can cause an accident and also can fail on Warrant of fitness. Don’t take risks with your safety. 

You should inspect brakes every 5000 miles for basic pad wear and replace disc pads when there is 2 mm or one eighth of and inch of friction material remaining on the backing plate.

And Brake Rotors are a wear item and need to be cut or machined and often replaced with every brake job as they slowly wear down below their minimum allowed thickness. 

Browning Auto Repairs, we offer a FREE visual brake inspection, This is recommended when you are unsure whether your vehicle needs new brakes or repairs. During your inspection, our technicians will let you know what brake service is recommended for you. If your brakes need service or repairs, our expert technicians are equipped to perform any brake repair, including installing new brake pads and resurfacing or replacing the rotors.

(Browning Auto Repairs can diagnose all makes and models brake problems and We can complete all brake repairs.)

Come Visit for Free visual brake inspection if you have : 

  • Vehicle pulls to one side during braking
  • Pulsating brake pedal or softer than usual
  • Any noise like a squeal, scrape, grind or clicking sound when you step on the brake pedal
  • Repeatedly adding brake fluid to the master cylinder
  • Any brake fluid leaking from your car
  • Unusual odor or noise
  • ABS or Brake lights is illuminated while driving or braking 

WOF Repair specialist in Auckland

Browning Auto Repairs can repair for you If you failed Brake on Warrant of fitness.

Brake services & price

Browning auto Repairs Service all makes & models. all cost include GST.

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