The Importance of Clutch Repair & Replacement Services

 The Importance of Clutch Repair & Replacement Services Slippage of the clutch is a common problem in vehicles. This is usually a result of a worn-out clutch disc that gets damaged due to heat, age and also improper driving. Car owners also encounter clutch chatter complications where they notice a grinding or vibrating noise while engaging the clutch. If you require friendly and professional vehicle clutch replacement to ensure a smooth driving experience look no further. When ignored, clutch problems can cause severe damage to the car’s engine and cause gear shifting difficulties.  


Why Us?

 At Browning Auto Repairs, We are the best Clutch Repair & Replacement Company in Auckland, we offer repair and workmanship of the highest quality & standards to restore your car clutch’s original condition.   

Our highly specialized car clutch replacement, maintenance & repair services enable us to provide fast, affordable and extensive clutch repair & replacement for your vehicle. Whether your vehicle requires minor adjustments or a full replacement, we have the tools, techniques knowledge and expertise to provide efficient vehicle clutch replacement services in Auckland.   


Clutch Repair &Replacement

Right from checking the adjustment (free play) within your car’s clutch cable and adjusting the same if required to checking the hydraulic system or clutch fluid, we ensure complete clutch repair & replacement.  

Our qualified and trusted car mechanics are capable of carrying out a wide range of car clutch repair services in Auckland including: 

  • Clutch disc repair
  • Stretched cable controlling
  • Leakage in the hydraulic system
  • Installation of clutch kit
  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Servicing of the clutch cylinder and more

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Whether your car has a slipping clutch problem or if you notice shuddering clutch issues in your vehicle, we can help you to put it back into shape through quick and precise repair services

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