Transmission Flush

car transmission flush

Is your car transmission giving you hiccups? It’s time for Car Transmission Flush!

Flushing out dirt and grime from your car is important to ensure its efficient, smooth functioning. All cars; be it automatic or manual need regular transmission flush servicing. Automatic transmissions especially need to be serviced regularly for optimal performance, enhanced life and fuel economy. 

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Tell Tale Signs your car needs transmission flush

While experienced car mechanics are the best judge as to when you need car transmission flush servicing, you may also check for these indicators:

  • · Problem in changing gears
  • · Car just can’t go to gear
  • · Indicator ‘Check engine’ is on
  • · Car whines or gives a buzz 
  • · Fluid leakage

If your car shows any of these signs, you need to visit a reputed car service such as Browning Auto Repairs in Auckland!

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We are car transmission flush experts

Browning Auto Repairs offers comprehensive auto transmission flush services in Auckland. Our experienced technicians will check the level of your transmission fluid and suggest if you need to go for automatic transmission flush services.

Our comprehensive car transmission flush service includes checking fluid condition, identifying leaks if any, draining the fluid, grime removal, cleaning of oil pan and full flushing out of transmission system.

State of the art equipment for auto transmission flush

At Browning Auto Repairs, we employ state of the art equipment to scan your engine and identify flaws in your car’s transmission system. Our equipment generates automatic codes for the faults found in your car. Our experienced, New Zealand trained technicians are skilled to conduct automatic car transmission flush service all car makes and models. 

Highest Quality service at affordable prices!

We offer premium service to our customers at affordable prices. Our transparent approach has made us the most preferred car servicing destination in Auckland.

Visit us today to for auto transmission flush!

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