Timing belt or Cambelt Repair REPLACEMENT in Auckland

When Should a Timing Belt Be Replaced?

The cambelt & timing belt is located in front of your vehicle’s engine. It is made of a strong rubber material which includes cords that are nylon-reinforced. That way, the timing belt’s lifespan can be preserved.

While the timing belt is moving inside the motor, it is placed under a lot of stress and tends to wear out quickly for this reason. As a result, you will have to replace the timing belt on a regular basis determined by the car manufacturer.

If you let your timing belt get worn out and you don’t replace it, You can cause a lot of expensive damage to your engine. Before it happens come to chack with Trust auto mechanic Browning Auto Repairs.

When Should a Timing Belt Be Replaced?

You should replace this belt every five years OR 100,000 kms; whichever comes first. Don’t neglect to have this done, even if you have not been driving far, because your warranty company won’t cover you if your timing belt is over five years old.  

Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt

Rough Idling of the Engine, Misfire of the Engine, Smoke from the Engine, Oil Pressure Decline,  Pistons or Valves That Are Broken..

 If you want to prevent your engine from from further damage, shut off the engine immediately once you experience this symptom and there’s a chance you may avoid major engine damage. 

What do we replace?

There are several important components that should be replaced when changing a vehicle’s Cambelt & Timing belt. These include The water pump, The camshaft seal, The crankshaft seal, The belt tensioner, The cambelt idler.

It is advisable to replace these components at the same time as the cambelt/timing belt. The main reason for this is that the majority of the labor needed to replace the components will already have been done when the cambelt is being replaced.

Once we diagnose, We will give you options that are the best value for your vehicle. At Browning Auto Repairs We understand that Replacing your cambelt/timing belt is not one of those things you can just put off indefinitely. Eventually, the belt will break and you may have thousands of dollars in engine damage. It’s simply not worth the risk. 

At Browning Auto Repairs, we only offer honest and reasonable Service to our customers. Feel FREE to contact us or visit us If you looking for Cambelt Repair, Timing belt repair, or diagnosis & Quote for Repairs.